Saturday, September 20, 2014

Two Weeks with Garth Evans

The beginning was strange, noiseless, almost meditative.
You mix plaster in water, you wait...then you put your hands into it, and then gently you grab as much plaster as you can and you wait try to not move your body, especially your fingers...The plaster gets warm, later it is hot. In less than ten minutes the thin soft material turns into a rock...your fingers cant panic a little bit and then you realize that the rock is not as hard yet and by freeing your hands you crush some of the abstract piece you hold in your hands.
The result :

Day 1 -
You think with line while looking at the model. You look at the model, but you don't copy it.

Then you draw your work:
Day 2 -
You think with planes while observing the model. You try to get the pose, or the character or both.

Day 3 -
You think with mass using simple form - cub.

Day 4 -
You chose the same object in a reasonable amount. The rule: you spend less than $20 for purchasing it.
Hangers from laundry...
Day 5 -
Working with clay. Making heads, not faces.

      Second week - total freedom in terms of material. Everything goes except clay.

Continue looking at the model. Responding to what you see but stay away from being literal.

The "final" result:

And the final critique:

It was an amazing physical and emotional experience.

Maryna Bilak