Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Drawing Marathon 2014

The Drawing Marathon January 2014 was my fourth marathon and it was the last one as well, at least in my MFA program. Even though the work went well, I felt sad through the entire two weeks. Finely I could speak English, I could enjoy the company of other artists, and, which is the most important thing, I was able to listen and learn from Graham Nickson.  But...the knowledge that all of this was for the last time added sentiments to my feelings.
 Usually at the end of the two weeks of intense work we create big size drawings. During each marathon I set up my own record of the scale of the drawing. This time it was 10 feet by 5 feet — quite impressive for me, but it wasn’t the biggest one in the group, even though it was close to it.  
(I’m just wondering how big I can go next time…)

During the last marathon I was thinking a lot about my first one. Unfortunately I destroyed almost all of my old drawings. But I happened to save the last work from September 2012.

Each marathon is special. This time Graham Nickson prepared a very intriguing lottery - from a wooden basket full of little white folded papers each student picked up one. Mine said the following: Draw with Goya in mind.
It was very challenging. First, I made the transcription on one of the famous images of war by this artist.

After this I had to combine my thinking about Goya, my own studio practice and the set up in the drawing room. I came out with a decent drawing, but Goya wasn’t really there, to put it mildly…

I got the most positive critique for my work for now. Quite happy but not totally satisfied with myself I’m starting the last semester.
There are a lot of things to learn… 

Maryna Bilak#www.marynabilak.com.ua



Saturday, January 18, 2014

Preparing for the February Show

During my Christmas Holiday I started to think about my new show, which is going to open on February 14th, 2014. I'm Still not sure what I'm going to exhibit, but it looks like some of my color ink paintings may appear.

The images are quite provocative. But it didn't happened on purpose. I was trying to be honest and true to my current emotional experiences, which are not simple.
24x30, ink on paper

Protection II,
24x30, ink on paper 

Maryna Bilak#www.marynabilak.com.ua 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Caribbean - Seeing Sea

I can’t say that my dreams have come true. A little village-girl like me from Carpathian Mountains couldn’t possibly dream about the Caribbean Sea. I didn’t fantasize, I just got there for the first time in my life. It was an extraordinary experience. I could see my favorite colors in their best light. It was great to appear in the pleasant summer in the middle of the winter. 

I had an unforgettable swim and run along the sea. 

Swimming and running weren’t the only things I did during this trip. Even though my vacation was intense, I found time for making little five-minute color ink paintings.     

After arriving home I made a few paintings from memory and my impressions, which I got from the Caribbean landscapes. 

I went through some of my early ink drawings and I found this one, which makes me think about the water which I recently saw. 

If I would get a chance to go to this place again, I wouldn’t think twice. 

One of the meanings of my name is From the Sea. For the most of my life I didn’t see a sea. But the beginning of January 2014 gave me a feeling of belonging to the water.