Monday, April 28, 2014

Black, white and a little touch of red...My current paintings.

If a human figure appears in my painting, I don't think about pressure of thousands of years of art history. I even don't take it as a challenge to be able to say something new with such a familiar subject. Maybe the difficulty of it is something that drives me and pushes me to work even harder and learn in a more intense way.
But I believe that all subjects are given to artists, subjects which are not designed artificially, but come spontaneously as a product of self-identification with memories
and relationships.
An artist is like Litmus paper, the indicator that reflects the ambience. It is impossible to avoid the influence of the world around us and the world inside us. But the complexity of the balance is a dare. Criticism from outer sources and inner forces should be present, even though it is painful and sometimes has masochistic implications.
Doubting your merits is not underestimating yourself.
Telling a personal story is not being sentimental.
The worse thing is to be pretentious, even though radical honesty is unnecessary.
Finding the harmony and tension is the goal. 

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