Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Sculpture Marathon 2014 with Bruce Gagnier

This was my first serious experience with sculpture.
Honestly I should admit that sculpting is much more sensual and seductive than drawing or even painting.  But this is my subjective opinion. I couldn't take my hands off the clay. The tactile touch is so real and alluring. The physical presence is overwhelming. I literally felt the inner agitation of a creator. Working with clay allowed me to move across the form and inside the form, which I couldn't reach in painting in such a direct way.
Even though I just made a few human figures and some reliefs during two weeks of the marathon, I'm ready to jump into the realm of the physical, very often aggressive and at the same time sensual world of sculpture. With sculpture there is no necessity to be "sweet nice lady".

The first sketch of a male figure, which very much reminds me of my close friend who passed away a few months ego... 
 My first relief

 A standing 34 inches high figure

 My lonely sitting and waiting female figure

Around the clay room...

The last three heads were made from inside out. All the convexos and concaves are results of pushing the clay from inside. Fascinating way of working!

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